RAMS e-journal
No 1, Vol. 28, 2011      

    Contents and Preface (pdf, 54 Kb)

  1. In-Jin Shon, Hyun-Su Kang, In-Yong Ko, Jin-Kook Yoon and Jung-Mann Doh
    Fast Low-Temperature Consolidation of Nanocrystalline Fe-ZrO2 Composite by High-Frequency Induction-Heated Sintering
    pages 1-4
    abstract    pdf (288 Kb)
  2. Song-Lee Du, In-Yong Ko, Jung-Mann Doh, Jin-Kook Yoon, Sang-Whan Park and In-Jin Shon
    Rapid Consolidation of a Nanocrystalline FeCrAlSi-Al2O3 Composites by Pulsed Current Activared Sintering
    pages 5-8
    abstract    pdf (188 Kb)
  3. In-Jin Shon, Kwon-il Na, Byung-Ryang Kim, In-Yong Ko, Jung-Mann Doh and Jin-Kook Yoon
    Mechanical Properties and Consolidation of Nanostructured WC-CNT Composites by High Frequency Induction Heafed Sintering
    pages 9-12
    abstract    pdf (272 Kb)
  4. Seok-Min Yong, P. Muralidharan, Dong Seok Kim and Do Kyung Kim
    One-Step Hydrothermal Synthesis of Carbon-Coated PbTe Nanowires FOR Thermoelectric Applications
    pages 13-16
    abstract    pdf (3376 Kb)
  5. Dong Seok Kim, Seung-Deok Ko, Seung Jun Lee, Byung-Kee Lee, Jun-Bo Yoon and Do Kyung Kim
    Investigation on the Electrical Contact Behaviors of RF MEMS Switches Using Nano-Indenter
    pages 17-20
    abstract    pdf (960 Kb)
  6. Seung Jun Lee, SeungSu Baek, Eul Son Kang, Seok-Min Yong and Do Kyung Kim
    Fabrication and Oxidation Behavior of Reactively Hot Pressed TaB2-SiC Ceramics
    pages 21-25
    abstract    pdf (3216 Kb)
  7. Joon-Pyo Jeun, Dong-Won Park, Dong-Kwon Seo, Hyun-Bin Kim, Young-Chang Nho and Phil-Hyun Kang
    Enhancement of Photocatalytic Activity of PAN-Based Nanofibers Containing Sol-Gel-Derived TiO2 Nanoparticles by E-Beam Irradiation
    pages 26-30
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  8. Dong Kwon Seo, Joon Pyo Jeun, Hyun Bin Kim and Phil Hyun Kang
    Preparation and Characterization of the Carbon Nanofiber MAT Produced from Electrospun PAN/Lignin Precursors by Electron Beam Irradiation
    pages 31-34
    abstract    pdf (688 Kb)
  9. Ki Baek Kim, Yun Ha Kim, Kwang Sup Song and Eun Duck Parkg
    Propane Combustion over Pt Catalysts Supported on Zeolites
    pages 35-39
    abstract    pdf (1200 Kb)
  10. Dong-Won Lee, Hye-Moon Lee and Jei-Pil Wang
    Chemical Synthesis of Aluminum Chloride (AlCl3) by Cost-Effective Reduction Process
    pages 40-43
    abstract    pdf (184 Kb)
  11. Dong-Won Lee, Jong-Moon Lee, Ji-Hoon Yu and Jei-Pil Wang
    Fabrication of Ultrafine Alloyed Powders by Soda Reduction Process
    pages 44-47
    abstract    pdf (544 Kb)
  12. Young-Min Jin, Jin-Hyeon Cho, Jee-Hoon Ahn and Kee-Ahn Lee
    Effect of Carbide Type on the Manufacturing and Properties of Low Vacuum Plasma Sprayed W-Based Composite Coating Material
    pages 48-53
    abstract    pdf (624 Kb)
  13. Ku-Bong Chung, Ju-Kyung Shin, Tae-Young Jang, Dong-Kyun Noh, Yongsug Tak and Sung-Hyeon Baeck
    Preparation and Analyses of MnO2/Carbon Composites for Rechargeable Lithium-Air Battery
    pages 54-58
    abstract    pdf (688 Kb)
  14. Kwan Sung Kim, Jae-Hoon Lee, Dong-Kyun Noh, Jong-Hee Kim, Jinsuk Kim, Yongsug Tak and Sung-Hyeon Baeck
    A study on the Semiconducting Properties of Passive Films on Stainless Steels by Photo-Electrochemical Techniques
    pages 59-63
    abstract    pdf (480 Kb)
  15. Dong-Jin Kim, Hyun Wook Kim, Sung-Woo Kim and Hong Pyo Kim
    Influence of Lead on Surface Oxide of Ni-Based Alloy in a Caustic Solution
    pages 64-68
    abstract    pdf (448 Kb)
  16. Chang-Young Hyun and Ho-Kyung Kim
    The Comparison of Yield and Fatigue Strength Dependence on Grain Size of Pure Ti Produced by Severe Plastic Deformation
    pages 69-73
    abstract    pdf (2816 Kb)
  17. Hyun Wook Han, Deuk Kyu Ahn, Hyo-Jun Ahn, Won-Wook Park and Keun Yong Sohn
    Microstructures and Electrochemical Properties of Rapidly-Solidified Si-Mn Alloy
    pages 74-78
    abstract    pdf (3856 Kb)
  18. H.J. Jeong, A. Krishnaiah, S.C. Yoon, U. Chakkingal, S.-Y. Kang and H.S. Kim
    Finite Element and Experimental Analyses of Repetitive Bending and Straightening of Commercially Pure Copper
    pages 79-84
    abstract    pdf (180 Kb)
  19. M. Azizieh, H.S. Kim, A.H. Kokabi, P. Abachi and B.K. Shahraki
    Fabrication of AZ31/Al2O3 Nanocomposites by Friction Stir Processing
    pages 85-89
    abstract    pdf (560 Kb)
  20. H.R. ˇha
    Densification of the Nano-Powder by Using Ultrasonic Vibration Compaction
    pages 90-93
    abstract    pdf (1920 Kb)
  21. Jung-Yeul Yun, Dong-Won Lee, Sungwon Yoon and Jei-Pil Wang
    Preparation of Fe-8%Ni Alloyed Powder Fabricated by Novel Recycling Process
    pages 94-97
    abstract    pdf (592 Kb)
  22. X.J. Liu, S.D. Kang, J.S. Kim, I.S. Ahn and H.J. Ahn
    Charge/Discharge Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Cathode Material-NiS2 for Na/NiS2 Cells
    pages 98-102
    abstract    pdf (1376 Kb)
  23. Dong-Wook Park, Kyoung-Rok Do, Young-Sam Kwon, Kwon-Koo Cho, Su-Gun Lim and In-Shup Ahn
    Fabrication and Properties of T42 Sintered Part Using Spark Plasma Sintering
    pages 103-106
    abstract    pdf (480 Kb)
  24. J.S. Kim, J.H. Yu, H.S. Ryu, K.W. Kim, T.H. Nam, J.H. Ahn, G. Wang and H.J. Ahn
    The Electrochemical Properties of Sodium/Iron Sulfide Battery Using Iron Sulfide Powder Coated with Nickel
    pages 107-110
    abstract    pdf (448 Kb)
  25. Yun-Il Kim, Dong-Hun Lee, Won-Jun Kim, Sung Park, Hee-Nam Kim, Dong Bok Lee and Jae Chun Lee
    Effect of Glass Viscosity on Gas Leak Rate in Glass Seals for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications
    pages 111-115
    abstract    pdf (176 Kb)
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