RAMS e-journal
No 2, Vol. 27, 2011      
  1. N. Kannan and S. Subbalaxmi
    Biogenesis of Nanoparticles - a Current Perspective
    pages 99-114
    abstract    pdf (608 Kb)
  2. A.L. Stepanov
    Nonlinear Optical Properties of Implanted Metal Nanoparticles in Various Transparent Matrixes: a Review
    pages 115-145
    abstract    pdf (2688 Kb)
  3. A. Alavudeen, M. Thiruchitrambalam, N. Venkateshwaran and A. Athijayamani
    Review of Natural Fiber Reinforced Woven Composite
    pages 146-150
    abstract    pdf (80 Kb)
  4. M.A. Uddin and H.P. Chan
    Contact Resistance of Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Film Based Flip-Chip on Glass Packages
    pages 151-157
    abstract    pdf (150 Kb)
  5. Luiz H. Acauan and Carlos P. Bergmann
    Production of Oriented Carbon Nanotube Membranes
    pages 158-164
    abstract    pdf (288 Kb)
  6. A.S. Kurlov, A. Leenaers, S. van den Berghe, M. Scibetta, H. Schörttner and A.A. Rempel
    Microstructure of Nanocrystalline WC Powders and WC-Co Hard Alloys
    pages 165-172
    abstract    pdf (608 Kb)
  7. H.P. Xu, Y.H. Wu, D.D. Yang, J.R. Wang and H.Q. Xie
    Study on Theories and Influence Factors of PTC Property in Polymer-Based Conductive Composites
    pages 173-183
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  8. Ol'ga M. Osmolowskaya and Vladimir M. Smirnov
    Growth Mechanism of Nanodimensional Nadium Dioxide on Silicon Surface Obtained by ML-ALD Method
    pages 184-188
    abstract    pdf (12804 Kb)
  9. I.A. Ovid'ko and A.G. Sheinerman
    Deformation Twinning through Nanoscale Ideal Shears in Nano- and Polycrystalline Materials at Ultra High Stresses
    pages 189-194
    abstract    pdf (156 Kb)
  10. I.A. Ovid'ko
    Quantumlike Behavior of Classical Particles in Spacetimes with Time Machines
    pages 195-202
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
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