RAMS e-journal
No 2, Vol. 28, 2011      

    Preface & Contents (pdf, 88 Kb)

  1. L.H. Bac, J.S. Kim and J.C. Kim
    Size, Optical and Stability Properties of Gold Nanoparticles Synthesized by Electrical Explosion of Wire in Different Aqueous Media
    pages 117-121
    abstract    pdf (608 Kb)
  2. Sung-Woo Kim, Dong-Jin Kim and Hong-Pyo Kim
    In-sity Monitoring of Micro-Cracking of Ni-Based Alloys at High Temperature Using Electrochemical Noise Technique
    pages 122-125
    abstract    pdf (880 Kb)
  3. Gyoung-Ja Lee, Chang Kyu Kim, Min Ku Lee and Chang Kyu Rhee
    Characterization of Ethylene Glycol Based TiO2 Nanofluid Prepared by Pulsed Wire Evaporation (PWE) Method
    pages 126-129
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
  4. Bo Sik Kim, Sung-Tag Oh, Myung Jin Suk, Si Young Chang
    Microstructure and Hydrogen-Reduction Behavior of High Energy Ball Milled CuO-SnO2 Powder Mixture
    pages 130-133
    abstract    pdf (304 Kb)
  5. Moonhee Choi, Donghwan Kim, Jihun Yu and Yangdo Kim
    Improvement of the Magnetic Properties of Nd2Fe14B Powders by Dysprosium Diffusion
    pages 134-140
    abstract    pdf (1664 Kb)
  6. Se Hoon Kim, Dae-Gun Kim, Young Ik Seo and Young Do Kim
    Chemical Vapor Transport Process in Hydrogen Reduction of Ball-Milled Molybdenum and Tungsten Oxide Powders
    pages 141-144
    abstract    pdf (1728 Kb)
  7. Haris Rudianto, Sangsun Yang, Ki-Woo Nam and Yong-Jin Kim
    Mechanical Properties of Al-14Si-2.5Cu-0.5Mg Aluminum-Silicon P/M Alloy
    pages 145-149
    abstract    pdf (960 Kb)
  8. Hye Jung Cho, Hyeon Su Heo, Jong-Ki Jeon, Sung Hoon Park, Kwang-Eun Jeong and Young-Kwon Park
    Catalytic Conversion of Wood Waste to Bio-Oil Using Mesoporous SBA-15 Catalyst
    pages 150-153
    abstract    pdf (74 Kb)
  9. So-Young Yun, Min Jun Seong, Jin-Heong Yim, Young Soo Ko, Young-Kwon Park, Jong-Ki Jeon
    Rhodium Complexes Immobilized on Nanoporous Silica for Octene Hydroformylation
    pages 154-157
    abstract    pdf (92 Kb)
  10. K.H. Song, H.S. Kim and W.Y. Kim
    Enhancement of Mechanical Properties and Grain Refinement in ECAP 6/4 Brass
    pages 158-161
    abstract    pdf (496 Kb)
  11. Ki Don Kim, Chang-Sup Oh, Sang-Cheol Kil, Jei-Pil Wang Yong-Ha Kim
    Preparation of Ni Powders Fabricated by Various Reductive Gases
    pages 162-165
    abstract    pdf (304 Kb)
  12. Byungchul Kim, Jinsung Jang, Tae Kyu Kim and Jung-Ho Ahn
    Synthesis and Properties of Ni/Y2O3 Nanocomposites
    pages 166-170
    abstract    pdf (1296 Kb)
  13. Taek-Kyun Jung, Dong-Woo Joh, Hyo-Soo Lee and Min-Ha Lee
    Fabrication of Ni Nano Powder Using Wire Explosion Process and Its Characterization
    pages 171-174
    abstract    pdf (352 Kb)
  14. Young-Sang Cho, Soo-Jung Son, Young Kuk Kim, Kook Chae Chung and Chul Jin Choi
    Development of Direct Ink Writing Technology for Micro-Structures
    pages 175-180
    abstract    pdf (368 Kb)
  15. Jiwhan Park and Jung-Ho Ahn
    Superconducting Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered MgB2
    pages 181-184
    abstract    pdf (432 Kb)
  16. S. Namkung, D.H. Kim and T.S. Jang
    Effect of Particle Size Distribution on the Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Sintered NdFeB Magnets
    pages 185-189
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  17. Soo-Jung Son, Young-Sang Cho and Chul-Jin Choi
    Advanced Micromanufacturing for High-Precision Micro Bearing by Nanopowder Metallurgy and LIGA Processing
    pages 190-195
    abstract    pdf (1248 Kb)
  18. Kyung Tae Kim, Tae Soo Lim and Gook Hyun Ha
    Improvement in Thermoelectric Properties of N-Type Bismuth Telluride Nanopowders by Hydrogen Reduction Treatment
    pages 196-199
    abstract    pdf (928 Kb)
  19. Joo Hyesook, Han Chulwoong, Kim Byungmoon, Kim Dohyang and Choi Hanshin
    Interface Activated Sintering of Tungsten by Nano-Particles in the Spark Plasma Sintering
    pages 200-206
    abstract    pdf (480 Kb)
  20. Yong-Jin Kim and Jin-Chun Kim
    Tensile Property of Al-20 Mass.% Si Alloys Produced by a Gas Atomization Process
    pages 207-211
    abstract    pdf (400 Kb)
  21. T.S. Jang, D.H. Lee and S. Namkung
    Influence of Washing Process on the Properties of Nanocrystalline Nd-Fe-B Magnet Powder Prepared by Modified R-D Process
    pages 212-216
    abstract    pdf (400 Kb)
  22. Se Hoon Kim and Young Do Kim
    Warm Compaction of an Fe-Si/Fe Powder Mixture
    pages 217-221
    abstract    pdf (320 Kb)
  23. Baekil Nam, Joonsik Lee, Yong-Ho Choa, Sung-Tag Oh, Sang Kwan Lee, Sang Bok Lee and Ki Hyeon Kim
    Conductive Grid Effects in Magnetic Composites on Power Absorption
    pages 222-225
    abstract    pdf (256 Kb)
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