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  1. I.A. Ovid'ko and A.G. Sheinerman
    Micromechanisms for Improved Fracture Toughness in Nanoceramics
    pages 105-125
    abstract    pdf (1104 Kb)
  2. I. Pantic, L. Markovic
    Antibody-labeled Gold Nanoconjugates in Experimental Physiology and Cancer Research
    pages 126-129
    abstract    pdf (58 Kb)
  3. E.G. Zemtsova and V.M. Smirnov
    Review of Electrosurface Characteristics and Colloidal Stability of Disperse Systems on
    on the Basis of Silica with Surface Titanyl Nanostructures in Liquid Media
    pages 130-135
    abstract    pdf (112 Kb)
  4. Mohamed S. Gaith and Imad Alhayek
    Nano-mechanical Evaluation of the Heterojunction Layers in Solar Photovoltaic Cells
    pages 136-141
    abstract    pdf (448 Kb)
  5. N. Guskos, J. Typek, G. Zolnierkiewicz, K. Wardal, D. Sibera and U. Narkiewicz
    Magnetic Resonance Study of Nanocrystalline ZnO Nanopowders Doped with Fe2O3 Obtained by Hydrothermal Synthesis
    pages 142-149
    abstract    pdf (25128 Kb)
  6. Yucai Hu, Fengjing Cao, Fangxiao Li, Guangchun Ni and Xicheng Cui
    Research Progress on Lead-free Solders
    pages 150-155
    abstract    pdf (400 Kb)
  7. A. Dutta, G. C. Das and P. Barat
    Surface Kinetics of Nanoclusters
    pages 156-160
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  8. Youyi Sun, Ye Tian, Ming He, Daining Fan, Yaqing Liu and Qijing Zhangt
    Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on the Photo-induced Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Polymer Based on the Surface Plasmon Resonance
    pages 161-165
    abstract    pdf (288 Kb)
  9. A. Helminiak, W. Arabczyk, G. Zolnierkiewicz, N. Guskos and J. Typek
    FMR Study of the Influence of Carburization Levels by Methane Decomposition on Nanocrystalline Iron
    pages 166-174
    abstract    pdf (3824 Kb)
  10. Jussi Timonen, Markko Myllys, Vladimir G. Konakov, Anatoly V. Soudarev and Ivan Yu. Archakov
    Structure of a Ceramic Material Developed by Laser Prototyping Techniques
    pages 175-179
    abstract    pdf (3744 Kb)
  11. N.F. Morozov, I.A. Ovid'ko and N.V. Skiba
    Stress-driven Formation of Nanograin Chains in Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine-grained Materials
    pages 180-186
    abstract    pdf (288 Kb)
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