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  1. Chaoqun Mei, Yongming Fan, Lei Mei and Guanqun Luo
    Surface Characteristics of Modified Poplar Wood-flour and its Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Wood Polymer Composites
    pages 203-210
    abstract    pdf (1072 Kb)
  2. Yongming Fan, Chaoqun Mei, Yang Liu and Lei Mei
    Effect of Surface Free Energy of Wood-flour and its Polar Component on
    the Mechanical and Physical properties of Wood-thermoplastic Composites
    pages 211-218
    abstract    pdf (1120 Kb)
  3. B.H. Tian, X.W. Zhang, R.L. Zhao, Y. Liu, S. G. Jia and F.Z. Ren
    Microstructure and Properties of Vacuum Hot-press Sintered W/Cu-Al2O3 Composite
    pages 219-223
    abstract    pdf (864 Kb)
  4. Shuying Liu, Kuan Xu, Guangbao Liu, Congcong Cao and Zhonghao Heng
    The Evolution Characteristics and Numerical Analysis of Diffusion Bonding Interface Structure of Titanium Alloy/ Cu / Stainless Steel
    pages 224-231
    abstract    pdf (848 Kb)
  5. Zeng Gao and Jitai Niu
    Study on Microstructure and Impact Ductility of Simulated Weld HAZ of High-strength Wear-resistant Steel NM360
    pages 232-237
    abstract    pdf (1392 Kb)
  6. Yuhui Zhao and Hua Hou
    The Point Defects Occupancy Rule of V Atoms into Ni3Al Alloy
    pages 238-245
    abstract    pdf (480 Kb)
  7. Yuhong Zhao and Hua Hou
    Simulation of Dendritic Crystal Growth of Pure Ni Using the Phase-field Model
    pages 246-250
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  8. Mei Cheng and Zhi Min Zhang
    Study of Metal Flow of Tee Joint Valve Body by Multidirectional Extrusion Deformation and recrystallization
    pages 251-256
    abstract    pdf (304 Kb)
  9. J.M. Zeng, L.W. Tang and S.Y. Lin
    Experimental Study on Hydrogen Diffusion in Molten Aluminum
    pages 257-260
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
  10. Zhengjie Zhao and Jilong Zhang
    Research of Frame Synchronization Technology Based on Perfect Punctured Binary Sequence Pairs
    pages 261-265
    abstract    pdf (272 Kb)
  11. X.S. Liu, Z.Q. Ma, D.C. Han, R.Y. Lv and H.Y. Fang
    Evaluation of UIT on Titanium Alloy Residual Stress Eliminating by Ultrasonic Residual Stress Measurement System
    pages 266-269
    abstract    pdf (1024 Kb)
  12. M.Y. Li, Y. Wang, B. Han, L.X. Song and H.W. Ma
    Oxidation Behaviour of High Chrome Steel Roller after Laser Surface Melting
    pages 270-275
    abstract    pdf (2656 Kb)
  13. Yazhe Xing, Chaoping Jiang, Jianmin Hao and Rui Sun
    Numerical Analysis on Substrate Melting during Plasma-spraying Cast Iron on Aluminum Surface
    pages 276-280
    abstract    pdf (1152 Kb)
  14. Yehua Jiang, Hongxi Liu, Rong Zhou and Baoyin Tang
    Tribological Behaviors and Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Alloys by Nitrogen Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
    pages 281-286
    abstract    pdf (512 Kb)
  15. Young Moon Lee, Seung Gyu Jang and Eun Suk Jang
    Grinding Characteristics of Polycrystalline Silicon
    pages 287-290
    abstract    pdf (704 Kb)
  16. Fengxian Li, Yunzhong Liu, Wenhua Xiao and Jinle Xie
    Simulation of Metal Droplet Events during Gas Horizontal Atomization Stage in the Spray Rolling of 7050 Aluminum Alloy
    pages 291-297
    abstract    pdf (1904 Kb)
  17. H.J. Zhang, C.B. Cai, Z.S. Yu and S.B. Chen
    Control of Root Pass Stress by Two-sided Arc Welding for Thick Plate of High Strength Steel
    pages 298-304
    abstract    pdf (464 Kb)
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