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  1. Lirong Liu, Tao Jin, Jingjing Liang, Xiaofeng Sun and Zhuangqi Hu
    Calculation and Experiments on the Solidification Behavior of Single Crystal Superalloy Containing Ru
    pages 305-310
    abstract    pdf (1056 Kb)
  2. Min Wang, Haoran Geng, Zhenyuan Li and Yanbo Deng
    Viscosity, Resistivity and Structural Chances of Bi60Ga40 Alloy Melt with Liquid-Liguid Phase Separation
    pages 311-315
    abstract    pdf (256 Kb)
  3. Xinzhu Wang and Guangtao Zhou
    The Static Compressive Behavior of Aluminum Foam
    pages 316-321
    abstract    pdf (304 Kb)
  4. Kaiyong Jiang, Fei Wang and Jianwei Zhang
    Experimental Study on Sintering and Infiltration Process of Metal Part Fabricated by Mold Decomposed Injection Sculpturing
    pages 322-329
    abstract    pdf (400 Kb)
  5. Zhen-Xing Zheng, Wei Xia and Zhao-Yao Zhou
    Experimental and Numerical Modeling for Powder Rolling
    pages 330-336
    abstract    pdf (832 Kb)
  6. W. Chen, Y.-Z. Zhang, J.-H. Ma, B.-X. Wang, Y. Chen and C. Wang
    Optimization of Processing Parameters for Beam Blank Continuous Casting Using MOGA Combined with FEM
    pages 337-341
    abstract    pdf (720 Kb)
  7. Dejun Li, Yaorong Feng, Fengshou Shangguan, Wenzhen Zhao, Qian Liu and Ke Wang
    Influences of Manganese on the Hot Deformation of Austenitic Fe-Mn-Si-Al Alloys
    pages 342-347
    abstract    pdf (480 Kb)
  8. Xiangjun Xu, Junqi Kong,Junpin Lin and Rongri Zheng
    Study on a Rolling Process for Obtaining Ferrite-Martensitic (DP) Microstructures in ER70S-6 Stell
    pages 348-353
    abstract    pdf (496 Kb)
  9. Jie Zhou, Zhi Jia, Hao Liu and Menghan Wang
    A Study on Simulation of Deformation during Roll-Forging Process Using System of Special Shaped and Hat Groove
    page 354-359
    abstract    pdf (752 Kb)
  10. Chun Zhang, Haifeng Xiao and Dehong Yu
    Negative Incremental Forming of Sheet Based on Interval Model of Hydraulic Bulging CAE Analysis
    pages 360-366
    abstract    pdf (1456 Kb)
  11. Q. Xu, S. P. Wu and X. Xue
    Macrosegregation in Vertical Centrifugal Thin-walled and Complex TC4 Castings
    pages 367-372
    abstract    pdf (384 Kb)
  12. Keyong Tang, Fang Wang, Jie Liu, Pengxiang Jia and Jinglong Liu
    Water Vapor Permeability of Leathers by Grey System Theory
    pages 373-382
    abstract    pdf (156 Kb)
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