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  1. Hong Wang
    Characterization of Dark Green Passivation Film on Calvanized Steel Sheet
    pages 383-388
    abstract    pdf (1104 Kb)
  2. P.G. Xu, Y. Tomota, S.C. Vogel, T. Suzuki, M. Yonemura and T. Kamiyama
    Transformation Strain and Texture Evolution during Diffusional Phase Transformation of Low Alloy Steels Studied by Neutron Diffraction
    pages 389-395
    abstract    pdf (2800 Kb)
  3. Shixiong Lv, Yongxian Huang, Tao Yang, Jingwei Shi and Xiaojun Jing
    Research on Characteristics of Welding for Al /Ti Dissimilar Alloys with Trailing Ultrasonic
    pages 396-401
    abstract    pdf (448 Kb)
  4. H.H. Zhao, H.C. Li, G.J. Zhang, Z.Q. Yin and L. Wu
    Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field and Stress Distributions in Multi-pass Single-layer Weld-based Rapid Prototyping
    pages 402-409
    abstract    pdf (912 Kb)
  5. X. Xue and Y.P. Wang
    Numerical Simulation of Casting Thermal Stress Based on Finite Difference Method
    pages 410-415
    abstract    pdf (480 Kb)
  6. Ping Lu, Shengui Huang and Kaiyong Jiang
    Numerical Analysis for Three-dimensional Bulk Metal Forming Processes with Arbitrarily Shaped Dies Using the Rigit/Visco-plastic Element Free Galerkin Method
    pages 416-422
    abstract    pdf (1008 Kb)
  7. Baoguo Chen, Yongchao Xu and Shijian Yuan
    Investigation into Influence of Pre-bulging on Subsequent Hydrodynamic Deep Drawing
    pages 423-428
    abstract    pdf (496 Kb)
  8. Rongda Zhao, Jingchuan Zhu, Yong Liu and Zhonghong Lai
    Effect of Elastic Interaction Energy on the Spinodal Decomposition and Later Coarsening Stage in Fe-20%Mo Alloys
    pages 429-435
    abstract    pdf (992 Kb)
  9. B.G. Teng, L. Hu and S.J. Yuan
    Deformation Behavior of Thin-walled Tube Bending with Internal Pressure
    pages 436-441
    abstract    pdf (688 Kb)
  10. M. Wang, D.S. Li, X.Q. Li and W.J. Yang
    Probabilistic Design of Uncertainty for Aluminum Alloy Sheet in Rubber Fluid Forming Process
    pages 442-451
    abstract    pdf (416 Kb)
  11. J. Liu, X.J. Zheng and K.Y. Tang
    Study on the Gravimetric Measurement of the Swelling Behaviors of Polymer Films
    pages 452-458
    abstract    pdf (544 Kb)
  12. Tao Yang, Hongming Gao, Shenghu Zhang, Jingwei Shi and Lin Wu
    The Study on Plasma-MIG Hybrid Arc Behaviour and Droplet Transfer for Mild Steel Welding
    pages 459-464
    abstract    pdf (416 Kb)
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