Laboratory of micro-mechanics of materials
Laboratory of micro-mechanics of materials

Anatoliy N. Bulygin


  • Doctor of Science, Mathematical Physics. Sibirian branch of Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, 1981

  • Ph.D. Leningrad State University, Physical Depatament, 1974

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    1. E.L. Aero, N.M. Bessonov and A.N. Bulygin. Dynamics of a liquid with momentum anisotropy. J. Appl. Maths. Mechs. V 60, N 5, pp.769-775, 1996.
    2. Aero E.L., Bessonov N.M. and Buligin A.N. 1997. Normal stresses and dissipation in anisotropic liquids with oriented particles, Fluid dynamics 32, N4, 561-566.
    3. Aero E.L., Bessonov N.M., Buligin A.N. 1998. Anomalous properties of a liquid new the solid surface and moment theory, Colloid Journal, 60, N4, 406-412.

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