Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory of Means and Systems of Automation

Dr. Michail E.Kompan

Personal Information

Affiliation and official address:


Education: graduated from Moscow Physical Technical Institute 1970.

Permament Employment:


Scientific Activities:


Publications: more than 70 papers in refereed magazines; more than 20 communications to scientific meetings.

Selected publications 1991-1995:

  1. Application of Gravity-Induced EMF for Measurements of Movement Parameters. // XII IMEKO World Congress, Bejing 1991, v.2, p.82-83 (no co-authors)
  2. Dynamic Structure Transition in Superionic Conductor NaRESiO. 1. // JETP Lett. 1992 v.55 n.1 pp. 48-51 (in Russian, with G.Venus and O.Dimitrova)
  3. Spectroscopy of Probe-Ion Eu3+ in Superionic Conductor NaRESiO. 1. // JETP 1992 v.102 n.4(10) pp.1424-1432
  4. Spectroscopy of Probe-Ion Eu3+ in Superionic Conductor NaRESiO. 2. // JETP Lett. 1993 v.104 n.5(11) pp.3693-3705 (in Russian, with G.Venus)
  5. The Model of the Resonance Oscillating Barrier and Superionic Conductivity. //FTT 1992, v.34, n.6, pp.1778-1782 (no co-authors)
  6. Observation of Archimedes in Superionic Conductor. //FTT 1993, v.35, n.7, pp.2049-2052 (no co-authors)
  7. The outlook of Metrological Application of Noninercia Effect in Superionic Conductors //Measuring Technique 1995, No.8 p.3-5 (in Russian, no co-authors)
  8. Characteristics of Submillisecond Afterglow of Porous Silicon at a temperature of 80-370K. //Fizika Tverdogo Tela, 1993, vol.36 no.1 pp.125-131 (in Russian, with I.Shabanov).
  9. Quantum-size Effect in Fragments of Porous Silicon. //Fizika Tverdogo Tela, 1994, vol.36 no.8 pp.2381-2387 (in Russian, with I.Shabanov).
  10. Investigation of Anomalous Rlaxarion Processes in the Luminescence of the Porous Silicon. //Fizika Tverdogo Tela, 1995, vol.37 no.2 pp.359-367 (in Russian, with I.Shabanov and I.Novak).
  11. Mechanism of Self-Formation of Nanostructures of Porous Silicon with Zero-Current Water Etching. //Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov, 1995, vol.29 no.10, pp.1859-1869 (in Russian, with I.Shabanov).