Head of Laboratory

Professor Yury I. Meshcheryakov


Tel. (812) 321-4765, Fax (812) 321-4771,


































Scientific directions and research tasks


1.             Shock-wave propagation in condensed matter.

2.             Dynamic deformation and fracture including spall and


3.             Shock-induced structural instability, turbulence and

         fragmentation of solids.

4.             Shock-induced phase transformations in solids.

5.             Creation of materials with nanostructure.

6.             Dynamic compaction of amorphous powders.

7.     Development of new test techniques.

8.             Modeling of multiscale shock-wave processes in solids.


Experimental approaches

- Shock loading under uniaxial strain conditions

- Shock loading under uniaxial stress state

-Taylor technique

- Combined techniques


Equipment and diagnostics


·       Light gas guns,

·       Laser interferometry,

·       PVDF and  other gauges.



In-situ registered characteristics:


Time-resolved free surface velocity profiles   Ufs(t)


Particle velocity variation histories  D(t)


Defect of particle velocity  ΔU = Uimp - Ufs


Impact velocity  Uimp


Interference fringe signal (A), deciphered free surface velocity profile  Ufs  particle velocity variation D for  30Kh N4 M steel target loaded at impact velocity of 320 m/s






















Microstructure investigations


Optical, REM and TEM techniques, X-ray analysis   for studying microstructural processes including:


Twinning, shear banding, dynamic recrystallization, spallation, crack formation, vortical structures and phase transitions





 Research  Programs and Grants.

1. "Exprimental investigation of phase transitions in titanium alloys under

     shock loading", State Research Program, 2003-2005 .

2. "Exprimental investigation of vortical mechanism of elastic-plastic deformation under shockloading", State Research Program, 2006-2008.

3. "On influence of structure transitions at the  compression pulse front on the spall strength of materials"

     Grant of Ministry of Industry and Science  of Russian Federation N

4. " On the Control of Physical Mechanisms of Structure Formation under shock loading". State Program"19 PRAN 2005-2008":

 5. "Investigation of dynamic strength of Granite and Melted Quartz under Shock loading" . Federal Research Program " Physics and Mechanics of High-Compressed Matter and Inner Structure of Earth and Plnets". 2005-2007.

6.  "Investigation of structure formation processes under shock loading" RFBR Grant 08-02-00329 .

7. "Shock-induced structure formation in metals and alloys unser shock loading". RFBR Grant 08-02-00304.

8. "Determination of dynamic yielding for pipe steels within strain rate range of 10 4 - 10 6 s-1.  Research Program "Magistral". 2007-2010.


International cooperation and contacts


 1. Livermore Lawrence National Laboratory, USA.

     Material Support  Agreement number B-319757.

 2.  Army Research Laboratory  USA. Contract  DAAZ01-96-M-0141.

 3.  Army Research Laboratory  Contract  DAAL01-98-P-0796.

 4.  International Grant INTAS:  Project INTAS 96-2141

 5. International Grant WOLKVAGEN  Research Project I-74-645


Basic publications on topic

(total number of publications 195)


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