Osipov Andrey Victorovich
Chief researcher at the Laboratory of Structural and Phase Transformations in Condensed Media


Dr. Sci, Osipov Andrey Victorovich is the chief researcher in the laboratory of structural and phase transformations in condensed media. In 1987 he graduated the Leningrad State University, Department of Physics. In 1990 he has defended his PhD thesis in the IPME RAS. In 1996 he has defended his doctoral dissertation (in IPME RAS).

Contact Address:

Dr.Sci. Andrey V. Osipov
Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of structural and phase transitions in condensed media
Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Bolshoj 61, Vas.Ostrov, St.Petersburg 199178, Russia
Fax: +7(812)321 4771

Email: andrey.v.osipov at gmail.com

Web-site: http://www.ipme.ru/ipme/labs/phase/osipov.html


Full list of publications and pdf's are available at: http://labspt.ru/publications.html


  • Growth of silicon carbide on silicon
  • Phase transitions of the first kind
  • Non-linear phenomena
  • Thin films
  • Theory of topochemical reactions
  • Theory of the growth of thin films, islands, quantum dots and nanostructures
  • Physics and chemistry of surfaces
  • Theory of vitrification and devitrification
  • Theory of melting and creystallization
  • Multicomponent nucleation


  • Scientific achievements have recognized by the award of President Grant since 1997
  • Gold Medal of the European Academy (1998).
  • Humboldt scholarship

Last updated  10 July 2016