Ivan Argatov

Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory of Friction and Wear
 Head Dr. Yury A. Fadin

Olga Fedorovna Kireenko

Ph.D. Olga F. Kireenko

Senior Research Scientist
of the Laboratory of Friction and Wear
Research Areas: Tribology, Tribomaterial Science, Lubricants, Fullerens
PhD in Phys. & Math. (Solid State Physics), Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, RUS, St. Petersburg (1974)
Phone: (812) 753 60 63
E-mail: kireenko@wear.ipme.ru

More about Olga Kireenko :

CV: (in PDF,  HTML version)
List of Publications:  (in PDF,  HTML version)

Representative Publications : 1. Kireenko, O.F., Ginzburg, B.M., Bulatov, V.P., Budtov, V.P. Effect of fullerene C sub 60 upon the processes of friction of steel sliding on copper // J. Friction and Wear (Allerton Press) (1999). V.20. No.4. P.400-405.
2. Kireenko, O.F., Ginzburg, B.M., Bulatov, V.P. Influence of fullerene C[60] lubricating oil additives on steel/copper sliding boundary friction processes // J. Machinery Manufacture and Reliability (2001). No.1. P.70-75.
3. Kireenko, O.F., Sitnikova, A.A., Ginzburg, B.M. An electron microscopy study of a copper surface during the sliding boundary friction in the presence of fullerene C[60] // Technical Physics Letters (American Institute of Physics) (2001). V.27. No.10. P.865-867.
4. Fadin, Yu.A., Kireenko, O.F. Determination of the friction units wear during their operation // Vestnik Mashinostroeniya (2004). No.3. P.27-32.
5. Stukach, A.V., Kireenko, O.F., Fadin, Yu.A. Inter-relation between tribological and thermal characteristics of filled polyamide // J. Friction and Wear (Allerton Press) (2005). V.25. No.5. P.77-79.

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