Ivan Argatov

Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory of Friction and Wear
 Head Dr. Yury A. Fadin

Elena Borisovna Sedakova

Ph.D. Elena B. Sedakova

Senior Research Scientist
of the Laboratory of Friction and Wear
Research Areas: Tribology, Wear of Polymers, Acoustic Emission
PhD in Technical Sciences
Phone: (812) 753 60 63
E-mail: sedakova@wear.ipme.ru

More about Elena Sedakova :

CV: (in PDF,  HTML version)
List of Publications:  (in PDF,  HTML version)

Representative Publications : 1. Fadin, Yu.A., Sedakova, E.B., Bulatov, V.P. Friction-induced heating and fracture of surface layers of metals in contact // Technical Physics Letters (American Institute of Physics) (1995). V.21. No.1. P.59-60.
2. Bulatov, V.P., Polevaya, O.V., Sedakova, E.B., Fadin, Yu.A. Time dependence of the friction coefficient // Technical Physics Letters (American Institute of Physics) (1996) 22, 777-778.
3. Bulatov, V.P., Kozyrev, Y.P., Sedakova, E.B. Application of acoustic emission for assessing effect of friction conditions on wear of filled polymers // J. Friction and Wear (2000), 83-86.
4. Bulatov, V.P., Kozyrev, Yu.P., Sedakova, E.B. Application of the acoustic emission method for assessing the effect of friction conditions on the wear of filled polymeric materials // J. Friction and Wear (Allerton Press) (2002). V.23. No.6. P.83-86.
5. Bulatov, V.P., Sedakova, E.B., Kozyrev, Y.P., Gubanova, G.N., Meleshko, T.K., Kudryavtsev, V.V. Use of acoustic emission in wear monitoring of polymer composites based on polyimide and polytetrafluoroethylene // J. Friction and Wear (2003) 24, 79-84.

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